How to lose weight? by 3 steps

2 min readNov 25, 2020


Losing weight is with a proper plan.

few people say that There’s only one way to lose weight, and that’s to be deficient in calories.
And it’s all well and good to hear, but it is a different storey to be able to do this and ensure that you manage a calorie deficit in a safe and sustainable manner.
It is necessary to find a way to be calorie deficient that works for you and the 3 ways I have mentioned below are some of the most effective routes to take (I know from personal experience!)

1.Count your calories

It can be extremely harmful to your health to obsessively count calories, but it is vital to be aware of what you actually eat.
Most of us would be way off if we tried to guess how many calories on a daily basis we were actually eating. Through eating and drinking, we will highly underestimate the calories we consume, and massively overestimate how much we lose by exercise.


supplementation is not great idea for fitness freaks but now a day due busy life. we have no time for counting calories and proper workout. if some one ask me which supplement is best so i suggest weight lose herbal coffee is better than any pills and powder.

3.exercise you like most

Find something for you that fits. It doesn’t have to be the only thing you do for fitness, but if you find a class or team that you can take part in alongside your other sessions even once a week, you’ll find that you get your workouts and really enjoy it.

On a certain diet, whether you’re totally miserable, avoiding certain foods, counting calories or going to the gym, find alternatives. Before I found various sections of different ones that personally suited me, I tried many, MANY different fads and diets.
It really clicks when it clicks.
Don’t just give up because something hasn’t worked out before. If you keep on trying, you can find something that works for you and stick it out long enough to notice improvements. For you, do it.
To preserve our weight, health and wellbeing, most of us need to make permanent lifestyle changes. The way to do this is to be gradual and steady.
But the above strategies are tried and tested ways to start this shift for those who want to kickstart their journey, lose some weight and begin to feel how wonderful life can be when we also feel good.




i am fitness freak with lots of skills ...puch -ups before sleeping